Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have been living in a turbulent time. The health of all of us is at stake. In connection with our joint social responsibility and the continuously changing measures on the shop floor, SmartSpotter will stay in close contact with our stakeholders. We are tightening the rules for Spotters on the shop floor even further. SmartSpotter continues to help measure and optimize POS materials, products, and hygiene measures as long as shops remain publicly accessible to consumers.

Social health and safety are our top priorities. We remain accessible from home and Spotters will be advised to stay at home as much as possible. Assignments need to be done hygienically and, for example, in supermarkets combined with necessary shopping.

Additional measures Spotters on top of those of the local government, the stores, and the store staff:

o Only carry out assignments when you are already in a store for another purpose

o To be able to stay in shops as short as possible, in-store assignments will consist of photos and/or questions as few as possible

o SmartSpotter will supplement the data based on photos where necessary so that the quality is guaranteed

o Is there a queue in front of a store? Let everyone else go first

o Go shopping alone, not together and keep your distance

o Disinfect before and after each visit and do not touch anything unnecessarily to minimize the risk of infection

o Confirm that you have adhered to all applicable regulations

o Always follow all other measures applicable in the industry / at the site

o The measures above apply until the government/industry associations change the rules

Of course, Spotters will always live up to the guidelines from the government, the retailer, and the store. In this way, we allow everyone to earn something extra and to support stores with additional help during these challenging times. We also continue to ask clients, Spotters, and shops for input to help retailers whenever possible.

In making this hugely difficult decision, we also appeal to the responsibility and understanding of both Spotters and clients. For that reason, the SmartSpotter app will also be filled with home assignments where necessary. We will offer Spotter panel assignments to be carried out at home from a market research or marketing point of view. Retailers and suppliers will be asked for their initiatives to keep the Spotter crowd active.

Thank you in advance for understanding and thinking along. Can it be done better? Share it!

Together we ensure the best possible situation on the shop floor. Pay close attention to yourself and each other.

Team SmartSpotter