Setting your displays up right, and keeping them that way

Retail promotion plans count for nothing without correct execution. That means setting everything up right to begin with, as well as making sure standards don’t slip.

SmartSpotter PRO is our fast and flexible merchandising solution for building and maintaining perfect displays. With planograms, pricing, POS and more, exactly as they should be. Our trained merchandisers are always on-hand to bring new in-store promotions to life, and do all the work that’s needed to keep them at their best.

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SmartSpotter PRO service

SmartSpotter PRO merchandisers are fully trained to do everything from building new main and second placement displays to ensuring stock is replenished, tidily presented and correctly priced, with all POS materials positioned and updated as necessary, as specified in planograms.

Set up to succeed

Get promotions, second placements and everyday displays off to the perfect start. Expertly filled shelves completed with placement of pricing and POS materials.

Maintaining standards

Ensure every display is optimised and stock is replenished, with correct pricing and up-to-date POS materials on show in all the right places. Via scheduled check-ups or when SmartSpotter insights indicate a need to act. 

On-call merchandising expertise

SmartSpotter PRO brings a new dimension to merchandising services, with unrivalled speed, flexibility and value for money that’s only possible through crowdsourcing. Our fully trained merchandisers, who are hand-picked from our most experienced and trusted Crowd Spotters, deliver expertise that only comes from being part of one of the world’s biggest field marketing companies, Advantage Smollan. So you get the benefits of global know-how, through local people who are familiar with your store. 

Via SmartSpotter PRO, we are pleased to be able to provide national coverage with local speed, whenever and wherever you need it. Getting new promotions off to the best possible start and coming to the rescue when SmartSpotter field reporting insights show there’s a need to act. Our thorough end-to-end service is completed with a full report, including photographs, documenting what’s been done.

The interactive dashboard
that reveals all

All alerts and insights from our solutions come together here. The SmartSpotter dashboard is your go-to place for discovering all our actionable insights. A unique in-store excellence tool that’s supported by our in-house development team, business intelligence and AI integrations.

This is where you see all reports, photos and scores, complete with verified geo-located data. Neatly packaged into real-time, automated and shareable analytics that empower you to take effective action.

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