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Quality of retail execution impacts both your reputation and your bottom line. Making sure everything is always as it should be calls for 360° visibility. SmartSpotter gives you that visibility by mobilising people on the ground to conduct field research. Everywhere you need them to be. Any time you want.

You instantly get to see what they found, together with analytics that reveal what it means. Alongside the photos and data gathered in your store(s), our easy-to-understand dashboard shows agreement compliance scores, sharable reports, KPI trend lines and more.

From on-shelf stock status and promotional compliance to correct placement and usage of POS materials, SmartSpotter keeps you alerted to everything you need to know. So you can target effective, data driven action for ensuring retailer-supplier agreements are fulfilled. Either via your own means or by engaging SmartSpotter PRO merchandisers.

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Spotters are ready, whenever and wherever you need them

SmartSpotter’s unrivalled coverage and speed comes from the way we crowdsource Spotters and trigger assignments via our app.

Spotters are primarily trained members of the public who enjoy visiting retail stores and reporting on what they find. For which we pay them, of course. They conduct mystery shopping which provides eyes on the ground in every corner of the country. Any time you want to check up on how your product and promo placement is looking. Including evenings and weekends.

But that’s not the only solution. You can also choose to get your own staff involved. After that, all you need to do is decide what you want to know!

Crowdsourced measurements

SmartSpotter’s unrivalled network of crowdsourced mystery shoppers are on standby all over the country, ready to spring into action when our app alerts them to an assignment.


People from your own company can do the field research via the TEAM version of our app. Their observations are shown in the SmartSpotter dashboard, alongside any others commissioned from the Crowd. 

Every detail counts


Promotional execution

Stock is correctly located in store, for both primary and 2nd placement displays, with agreed space allocation.



Adequate quantity of stock, that’s in-date and pro-actively replenished to avoid empty shelves during peak trading times.


Planogram compliance

Attractive shelves, with neatly faced products, compliant with planograms and share of shelf per SKU or brand.

POS materials

Presence and correct display of in-store media, including for seasonal campaigns, activations and product launches.



Presence of price tags and price compliance per SKU. SmartSpotter can also provide competitor pricing insights.


Store performance

Improved promotional compliance leads to increased turnover, ROI and satisfied customers who keep coming back for more.

Choose your service level

Field reporting by the SmartSpotter Crowd is offered at different service levels, so you can choose the plan which best suits your requirements. All plans deliver the same high quality and unique flexibility we pride ourselves on.

Promotracker icon

Promo tracker

Fast, efficient reporting via our PromoTracker plan shows the most important KPIs in a fully automated dashboard. Make sure stock is correctly located in store, for both primary and 2nd placement displays, with agreed space allocation.

  • Promo compliance insights from day
  • Representative, nationwide sample
  • Automated reminders
  • Alerts to store / field TEAM
  • Dashboard with KPI trends
Express icon


In & Out Tracking: Increase the value of your in-store activities. Fast, efficient reporting via our SmartSpotter Express plans show the most important KPIs in a fully automated dashboard.


  • Tailor made KPI tracking
  • All nationwide FMCG retailers
  • Sample based auditing
  • Fully automated dashboard
  • Fast and efficient KPI analysis
Measurement icon


Get more control on your SKUs’ turnovers and shelving plan. Granular reporting and tailor-made Smart Measurements examine how your in-store execution measures up against the agreements you’ve made.


  • Tailor made measurements
  • Experienced project management
  • Image recognition & API integrations
  • Sales loss calculation
  • Direct corrective actions

The interactive dashboard
that reveals all

All alerts and insights from our solutions come together here. The SmartSpotter dashboard is your go-to place for discovering all our actionable insights. A unique in-store excellence tool that’s supported by our in-house development team, business intelligence and AI integrations.

This is where you see all reports, photos and scores, complete with verified geo-located data. Neatly packaged into real-time, automated and shareable analytics that empower you to take effective action.

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