What takes getting your small business to succeed? It is all about having the right tools for the job! 
When it comes to knowing your market and measuring your brand's impact, having market research tools allows a business to gain a significant advantage. But it is not only practical but is also necessary; not having a well‑designed market research plan can steer your business in the wrong direction.

So why exactly should you do market research? 

Having a great, even fantastic product or service is not a guarantee of success on its own. First, you need to know your customers and understand the market. That includes checking the competition and spot potential opportunities or gaps in your service. Gathering data helps you identify opportunities for your business, especially in a technology-driven society. 

However, it's easy to say this about large companies with the resources and even a marketing research department. But what about small businesses? Market research is often expensive and time-consuming, not always within reach of every brand. 
Small businesses already have a lot of operations to deal with daily, and when on a tight budget, conducting market research can be tricky, especially if they don't know how to run one properly in the first place. 
Not using any market research tool makes it difficult for small businesses to be competitive. For that reason, market intelligence is as vital as ever. SmartSpotter brings in solutions for your brand. 

Crowdsourcing and mobile data collection get your business off the ground

Through our crowdsourcing platform and mobile data collection app, SmartSpotter brings small businesses market research tools that enable your business to approach marketing and other processes, helping you understand your target audience. 
We are revolutionising the field by democratising access to market research, enabling competitiveness and providing small businesses with the necessary tools to grow. 
Sure, traditional market research techniques work to some extent, but they are not as cost-effective and affordable. These conventional techniques are not cheap, provide only a limited pool of ideas, and take a significant amount of time. 
However, using the power of the crowd, it's never been easier to create and validate your market research and test new ideas! 
Here are some benefits of using our platform as your market research tool: 


Our model is increasingly flexible and task-based, which shows results timely and accurately. We have a network of 100,000+ Spotters who feed our interactive dashboard, which is available at all times. As a result, our clients have access to their data 24/7. Moreover, the information is presented in real-time so they can take immediate action.


Implies faster results and less management burden

The power of crowdsourcing relies on saving opportunity costs and getting faster results by collecting instant data from the shoppers. In addition, crowdsourcing is a little more hands-off than other traditional market research techniques, which reduces companies' management burden making it ideal for small businesses. 



Save opportunity costs with our platform! Our methods require much fewer resources, as crowdsourcing reduces costs by functioning as a pay-per-task model. Not only that, but our interface is easy to use, all without manual operations and much less paperwork. 


What are you waiting for to conduct the best audits for your business and get it off the ground?


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