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SmartSpotter TEAM is the leading retail merchandising and sales force software platform for efficient retail auditing. Say goodbye to the chaos of emails, spreadsheets and paper. We welcome you to our world of flexible, powerful and automated solutions to help you towards perfect retail execution. Designed to let your team focus on their expertise: build relationships, improve in-store experiences and grow sales.

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SmartSpotter TEAM significantly improves the field performance of top retail brands

Mobile merchandising & sales app

Make it fun for your team to report on store audits. Simply set up and manage missions to collect and share store level data and pictures to feed in-store intelligence.

Simple, automated & efficient reporting

Data-driven insights and automated alerts lead to faster strategic actions. Share live results with trade partners to co-operate towards a perfect retail execution.

Promotion & Planogram compliance

Make sure your products are always perfectly executed with efficient surveys for planogram compliance, on-shelf availability, image recognition, and more.

Who we work with


It is very user-friendly, both for the people on the shop floor and the people who read the reports. Our people no longer have to make reports at home, which brings them more job satisfaction. For us, it is the ideal connection tool between Signify and the retailer.

Kris Langhendries, Store Management Retail

Lion Beers

Since we started using SmartSpotter the results measured so far have really helped us get an even better in-store execution with our customers on and off premise. The dashboard provided immediate insights and photos that allowed us to adjust and redirect our teams and resources to turn around lower performing/complying stores.

Saskia Andriessen, Head of Marketing

Brownes Dairy

Using SmartSpotter TEAM we have all reports in a single solid platform. Today we can see what see what happens in the field faster than ever!! In that way, we can take action before the promotional period finishes.

Ivana Pereza, Brand Manager and Category Development

Swinkels Family Brewers

The dashboard is strong in its simplicity, clear and internally shareable. Our field staff can easily report on local promotions and presentations of promotions.

Guus van Wouden, Field Sales Manager Retail


SmartSpotter supports Bose in the rollout of all merchandising projects in Europe. SmartSpotter TEAM is the most efficient and user-friendly system for us to collect data on the shop floor. Real-time data on the progress of the projects allows us to react quickly and make quick adjustments when issues arise. The collaboration with SmartSpotter has meant that we can implement our projects faster and also with higher quality.

Ben Weerts, Sales Activation Program Manager

tcc global

Years ago, we did shop visits with a notepad and a photo camera, but with SmartSpotter TEAM this has been automated efficiently and in real-time. Via the app and the dashboard, a trend in-store execution is quickly visible and tips & tricks can be shared with the retailer. If we want to broaden the scope, we use Spotters to see what is happening on the shop floor. SmartSpotter helps to make better decisions about the POS to use and to apply more targeted marketing to stimulate sales.

Esmay van der Lek, Program Manager


SmartSpotter TEAM is a modern way to let the employees in our stores focus on daily important topics. Employees check the stores just like they are looking through the consumer's eyes. The temperatures of freezers and coolers are also recorded daily in SmartSpotter. The SmartPoints per assignment ensure that it becomes a form of competition. The ability to easily manage the stores based on live reports makes Aveve more efficient.

Paul Boon, Sales Coordinator Aveve-stores


Full-time users
$ 25
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  • Reliable mobile app for retail auditing
  • Image capturing and photo management
  • Unlimited number of surveys and photos
  • Data-driven: powerful analytics and filters
  • Realtime automated dashboard and reports
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Pricing on request

Everything in PREMIUM, plus:

  • Image recognition
  • Restful API services
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Integrated crowd
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Temporary users
$ 4
Per active user/day* Start your free trial
  • Reliable mobile app for retail auditing
  • Image capturing and photo management
  • Unlimited number of surveys and photos
  • Data-driven: powerful analytics and filters
  • Realtime automated dashboard and reports
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Product features

Retail surveys

Keep your team focused on retail store operations top priorities: distribution, out of stocks, planograms, promotions, retailer checklists and their local services and cooperation.

Integrations & Connectivity

Connect SmartSpotter with RESTful API services like SAP Cloud for Customer, PowerBI and JSON to integrate your TEAM with the corporate KPIs.

Mystery shopping & merchandising crowd

SmartSpotter is the most efficient solution for perfect store execution. Boost your TEAM with flexible mystery shoppers and merchandisers to create a huge impact.

Are you ready to have all agreements fulfilled, have an improved ROI of your TEAM and have a clear brand overview to accelerate in-store experience and sales, all at the same time?

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