Careers at SmartSpotter

SmartSpotter is a suite of digital tools and services that help achieve ideal execution of in-store retail agreements. Through fast scrutiny and reporting of relevant insights, we enable immediate remedial action where necessary. This helps maximise turnover and promotional programme ROI, while encouraging better cooperation between product suppliers and stores.

We are the strategic ally that maximises the synergy between retailers and suppliers, fostering efficient and reliable relationships. SmartSpotter’s scalable solutions are suitable for every size of retailer and supplier. Delivering effective results in the most efficient and user-friendly way possible, our service is accessible to all.

SmartSpotter was founded in 2011 as a means of closing the loop between product promotion campaigns and actual retail sales. We’ve observed that in-store execution, the critical final stage in (multi-channel) marketing campaigns, often fails to be executed in-line with agreements made. With sales being lost at the very point they should be secured.


Every minute of sub-optimal retail execution risks losing sales. Based on our extensive insights, we’ve calculated the value of these across our base countries and set ourselves a target: to save €5 billion of turnover from being lost to poor execution by the 25th of November 2030


From correct in-store location, pricing and use of display materials to sufficient shelf re-stocking and product distribution, everything must come together to maximise sales potential. Yet this, still, often doesn’t happen. Most of the times because a lack of staff or low staff engagement on the shop floor. As a result, suppliers are getting poor returns on their investments and retailers are losing sales, along with supplier trust. At the same time, consumers are sometimes left disappointed through lack of availability and disillusioned about a brand’s image. It could all be so much better, for everyone.

Whatever the reasons things go wrong, getting them right starts with being aware there’s a problem. And knowing it’s easy to solve.

That’s where SmartSpotter comes in.


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The SmartSpotter solutions are available in multiple base countries around the world. There is a SmartSpotter office in each of these countries and the solutions are offered by SmartSpotter or by local reseller partners.

We are part of a field marketing alliance which has the expertise in retail execution. SmartSpotter is a subsidiary of Hamilton Bright, a field marketing agency bought by Advantage Smollan in 2017. SmartSpotter is 100% focused on retail. We are the most efficient experts in the retail execution niche and are unique in the retail crowdsourcing business.

The following core values persist through everything we do. From the way our solutions are designed to how they are presented and how we present our brand to clients and the workforce.

  • Thoroughly pragmatic: keep things simple
  • Accessible: ease-of-use
  • Tearing down walls: telling the truth transparency


Open Positions

We’re constantly on the lookout for people who want to make an impact in retail!