In-store execution has never been more cost-efficient with SmartSpotter ShelfWatch. Using the combined power of crowdsourcing and Artificial Intelligence, any FMCG Company can increase its bottom line by achieving full coverage in auditing, getting faster, timely and accurate results.

Ensuring better outcomes when gathering data 

Handling the labelling of enough data with only internal field resources is a time-consuming, expensive, and inefficient task. In addition, retail auditing requires addressing fundamental problems adequately, which means that it demands significant coverage levels of stores. 

Say no more to conducting audits manually or relying on self-assessments while not accurately gathering large amounts of data. Together, SmartSpotter and Parallel Dot's ShelfWatch provide an opportunity to facilitate high-quality performance with faster results, driving better in-store execution and excellence in merchandising. 

ShelfWatch analyses shelf images & displays and provides corrective feedback to generate strategies that allow suppliers and retailers to maximize operational performance and sales. 

Get ahead of the race

Our 100,000+ network of Spotters can collect all photographic evidence for you. Alternatively, you can choose to do so using your internal Field Team, reducing their time in stores by 65%.

Now you can transition from a fixed-based resource model to an increasingly flexible, task-based, and cost-effective one that shows timely and accurate results. 
Self-digitalized audits with image recognition technology provide broader coverage. A more comprehensive coverage contributes to improved capacity of managing data and monitoring operational processes, which ultimately increases the customer's bottom line. All this without manual operations or extensive paperwork. It has never been more accessible and user friendly!


How it works

Why SmartSpotter ShelfWatch

It is simply accurate

95%+ recognition accuracy at SKU-level. It will help the brand accurately identify planogram execution at the product (SKU) level across multiple categories, spot any misplaced product in real-time, and generate collaborations from the retailer or action from its field resources.

Easy to implement and cost-effective

The easy-to-use interface with real-time insights permits one to take actions and decisions on the spot. It saves time, resources, provides well-presented information to drive better in-store execution and excellence in merchandising. 

Our platform provides different customizable KPIs: 

  • Planogram execution: achieving high product recognition rates helps generate more accurate planogram compliance reports and enables field sales teams to take decisions and make changes in store. 
  • Share of Shelf: recognizing product conditions on shelves such as on-shelf availability and pricing provides a competitive advantage and allows to pinpoint new growth opportunities
  • Out of Stock: Visual recognition scans and detects any product missing from shelves in any store. Track Out of Stocks in real-time at any time of the day and generate targeted actions to avoid missed opportunities. SmartSpotter enables customers to identify upsell opportunities, generate leads and maximize sales across any channel.
  • Price tickets compliance: The truth is that scan data is only accurate if there is a correct price ticket execution. ShelfWatch detects any incorrect pricing or missing tickets. Price compliance can be generated and trended over time in any retailer in Australia.
  • Optical Character Recognition OCR: Looking for Scanning Tickets to collect retail data? Combine the power of crowdsourcing with computer vision technology and scan thousands of tickets audited by Spotters in any location in Australia.


All of which is managed and reported through the SmartSpotter dashboard. Enable your team with a single pane of glass platform and a unique source of truth for timely and accurate decisions.

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