About SmartSpotter

  • SmartSpotter is based on the crowdsourcing concept in which people who are about and about can become our customers' eyes in stores. Assess how your products are being recommended and served to customers to ensure perfect execution.

Benefits with SmartSpotter

  • Track the success of your agreements with retailers.
  • Ensure your product is displayed as planned.
  • Unbiased results within minutes.
  • Attain the ROI you’ve been working towards.
  • Obtain information of your products on real time.
  • Quality of the information.
The covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we shop locally; the "Shop Local" trend is one that clearly has helped multiple small businesses to succeed amid the global economic recovery. Here’s how to adapt this trend…

The plan

Refer SmartSpotter to any company and receive $1,000 worth of spots in a retailer of your choice for every referral that signs up with us.



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