We only provide our clients with accurate, reliable data, backed by quality control and an in-house team made up of experts.

Here are the reasons why SmartSpotter works for accuracy and achieves reliable results for its clients: 

1. Manual checks 

Every submission of our Spotters (which are given instructions containing each task's specifics) is manually revised by our in-house reviewers, authorizing the spots that meet the client's specifications and requests.

We make sure that revisions are done during the weekends and holidays, always providing real-time data.

2. Supported by photographic material

At SmartSpotter, backing information with robust and unmistakable photographic evidence is vital. That said, blurry photos or images that don't meet the requirements of the instructions will not be approved.

Also, photos need to be taken using the app, so Spotters must upload them on the spot. ​​

3. Advanced GPS technology

Another thing that we consider crucial to deliver accurate results is that every submission is enforced with advanced GPS technology, which allows us to make sure that the spots are being submitted in the exact location requested. 

Our app alerts Spotters when they are not performing the spot in the right location so that they can submit it correctly. 

4. Fact-based dashboard

Submitted spots are sent to the cloud to be scanned and analyzed using quality AI technology, which provides clear insights by categorizing information. 

Then, SmartSpotter's fact-based dashboard is organized and available, with verified data, so our clients can make decisions that improve their business. 

​​​​​​5. We take our Spotters’ feedback seriously 

As we take feedback and shopper's experience seriously, we ask our Spotters to describe theirs; interaction with store personnel, customer satisfaction, cleanliness of the store, the way products are displayed, etc. This information, often submitted in a Mystery Shopping format, is helpful to get reliable and ongoing feedback from actual customers, not only about your own business' performance but also about your competitors. It also works as a research tool on how to retain customers.

These five pillars allow SmartSpotter to provide quality results, adding value with backed evidence and tasks specially tailored for every client, disaggregating information in a decision-making format. 

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