Crowdsourcing is the core of what we do. Hence the importance of keeping the Crowd proactive and enthusiastic. Here is our how-to guide to activating the Crowd for you:

Make sure there are enough tasks

Ensuring enough tasks are available for the Crowd is critical. That said, we pay close attention and put a lot of effort into maintaining the balance between the number of paid tasks available and the number of Spotters (We call spotters a user who belongs to our community). 

Sometimes, to keep even more contact with our Spotters, we add unpaid tasks they can complete from home, either for educational purposes or to use the data for customer insight. Missions must reward SmartPoints, eventually allowing them to rise in rank when accumulating specific amounts.


For rewarded tasks, we ensure that the payment established is fair, taking into account duration and difficulty level. We also try to keep the assignments didactic and varied so that Spotters choose the one that fits best with them at the moment. Want to become a Spotter? Click here

Where Spotters can contact us

Constant communication and quick reviews

Our in-house team in charge of reviewing tasks makes sure that they are approved as soon as possible so Spotters can have access to their rewards in no time. As a result, spotters are satisfied with their timely payment, and our clients get results in real-time.

Reviewing spots in real time also allows our team to give accurate, constructive feedback to spotters, so they can avoid mistakes in the future, either with the current assignment or a similar one. Our communication policy with the Crowd is one of collective construction towards excellence. That said, by quickly reviewing the tasks, we can see if the spotters are making any common mistakes and thus make sure to adjust the assignment description to ensure that the results are positive and valuable to the client. 

Not only that, but we maintain a constant bridge of communication with our spotters that allows us to receive feedback from them to improve the service we provide. We always listen to our spotters since they are the ones who perform the tasks and may encounter things we haven’t yet. Their insight is precious to us. If you want to know more and the mission we are up to, we encourage you to follow us on Instagram

Community motivations

Knowledge growth and connection with Spotters are essential for app users to feel motivated. We are working hard to create a community where Spotters can help retailers and suppliers improve their activities while generating consumer value.

Spotters can decide which tasks to accept, giving them independence in determining when, where, and how long they want to perform tasks knowing that assignment will have one hour after being accepted.

SmartSpotter educates the Crowd via tasks and social media. Moreover, they share "tips and tricks" on social media, which is valuable as well. Who knows how to perform tasks better than other Spotters, right? That's why we consider this as a community that we want to grow together.

Keep what we have: Social networks are another significant channel that allows us to activate the Crowd. Constantly posting to social media helps the Crowd feel as though they’re engaged in a conversation, that we are interested in interacting with them and learning what they can contribute, which keeps them engaged and in close contact with the platform.

Email and location-based automated messages to notify Spotters through the app about new tasks in their area are also very useful.


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