The magic of crowdsourcing is that it is so diversified, accessible, and easy to complete that you can become a Senior Spotter in different ways and very quickly. 

You can find some great tips to excel at being a Spotter!

  • Quality insights are essential, so make sure that they are consistent with the photos taken when providing answers.
    • Don’t forget that all results are all about consistency. Answers need to match the information given.


  • When taking overall photos, make sure your shot is as per request. Always check the example images we create for you. 
    • Example images are a helpful tool, so don’t hesitate to look at them and check the details. 


  • Products need to be visible when taking close-up photos. In addition, brands and prices must be legible.
    • Please make sure the photos you take are not blurry or too far away when we ask for close-ups. Images must be sharp. Blurry photographs may result in rejected Spots.


  • Don’t forget to read through the questions before completing assignments. In that way, you will know what you’re supposed to capture, where and how.
    • We give detailed instructions for every assignment to excel at each spot you complete. 


  • Always provide detailed descriptions when requested, as our clients will read your insights/explanations. 
    • You can also provide further explanations, if needed, in the comments section located at the bottom of each assignment.


  • Due to privacy reasons, avoid taking photos of people when possible.
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