At the beginning of the year, we wrote a post about trends and predictions for 2022, in which we highlighted how conscious consumerism is reshaping consumer behaviour. 

We are in the era of conscious consumers. This is also known as the Global Eco-wakening; support for sustainable business is growing everywhere in the world, both in developed and developing countries. As consumers are increasingly driving sustainability, the pressure is on companies to adopt more sustainable practices. However, this is often easier said than done. 

At SmartSpotter, we strongly resonate with this so-called eco-wakening. Caring for our planet enables us to constantly redefine and reimagine how we work and find more sustainable ways of doing so. 

Finding sustainable solutions for businesses

The services we offer at SmartSpotter allow brands to perform more not only efficiently but also much greener; 

The premise is straightforward. By crowdsourcing, your organization’s environmental footprint becomes significantly reduced. For example, picture a company having to check over 10 thousand stores all over the country. That would usually mean sending out their entire field sales team to travel across Australia. That is a lot of individual journeys. Put simply, the more data needed, the more emissions a company is likely to produce. Not only that, but this information needs to be collected regularly, which is why Store Audits are carried out in most cases every week.

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Getting rid of the need for unnecessary journeys

On the other hand, crowdsourced workers keep it local, as our model mobilizes consumers near the places where audits need to be done, maintaining commuting to a minimum, thereby reducing a company’s carbon footprint. Fewer employees also mean less use of office supplies, which results in conserving natural resources. 

Plus, we complete thousands of checks daily; SmartSpotter’s unrivalled coverage and speed come from how we crowdsource Spotters and trigger assignments via our app. That way, we ensure efficiency but also sustainable practices. 

By using it strategically and incorporating it wisely into your business plan, crowdsourcing helps you grow your company in many ways. 

Making your company more environmentally friendly makes you more competitive, but above all, it generates a fundamental change in the world.

Maximizing sustainability efforts with science-backed data

In our blog “The Role of Data in Achieving Sustainability”, we explain how Data and Analytics are crucial to achieving sustainability in your business. Don’t forget to check it out!

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