When it comes to improving efficiency and reducing costs, a scalable workforce can make all the difference. In recent years, a mobile Crowd has successfully been deployed in the field of marketing to perform product checks in stores on behalf of big manufacturers and retail chains. But what impact does this have on brand-customer relationships and ultimately, sales? At SmartSpotter, we conducted a survey among our app users to investigate.

Stimulating Curiosity: The Key Driver for Trying New Product

The survey revealed that 66% of Crowd members declared that executing tasks stimulated their curiosity to try new products. In fact, this curiosity was the main driver for trying out new products, followed by promotions and attractive prices. What's more, nearly half of our community claimed they were willing to spend even more on the new product. Among the categories that benefited the most from this increased exposure were food, personal hygiene products, household cleaners, and consumer electronics.

Increasing Sales for Brands The survey results suggest that crowdsourcing field-marketing-related operations to regular shoppers can indeed contribute to increasing sales for brands. By directly involving customers in targeted activities, manufacturers and retailers can generate a better connection between consumers and brands, driving sales in the process. This is especially important in a world where shoppers are increasingly informed and demanding more transparency from manufacturers.

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The Growing Mobile Crowdsourcing Movement

The mobile crowdsourcing movement is growing around the world, with more and more people turning to technology to increase their earnings and create a more flexible lifestyle. Mobile apps like SmartSpotter have registered hundreds of downloads and counting, providing companies with access to a large and diverse Crowd of shoppers who are eager to try new products and provide feedback.

The research results demonstrate the potential for crowdsourcing to drive sales and improve brand-customer relationships. By leveraging the power of a scalable workforce, companies can increase efficiency and reduce costs, while also engaging directly with their target audience. As the mobile crowdsourcing movement continues to grow, the possibilities for innovation and growth are endless.


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