The supply chain in retail is such a complex and busy process. Managing it is a significant task. When working with retailers, there are several unprecedented challenges suppliers face. Particularly when related to in-store execution strategies.

Most of these problems are deeply connected to one cause: 
Brands are not being able to monitor retail operations during high trade periods. Taking control of retail execution is as essential for a brand as the product itself. However, distance and lack of resources often undermine this control and separate suppliers from stores and their on-shelf products, complicating retail execution management.

Never lose sight of Retail Operations!

Still, there are cost-effective ways to solve these issues, driving sales and achieving adequate visibility in execution at store level. As a result, suppliers are increasingly turning to Mobile Audits, so they don’t lose control of the retail execution of their products. 

Mobile retail auditing allows suppliers to ensure in-store merchandising compliance, cutting costs, and driving efficiencies across the company. This, by crowdsourcing and mobilizing people on the ground to conduct field research, everywhere suppliers need them to be and any time they want. That way, brands can see inside stores without having to deploy a field team and resources to do so, achieving greater and cost-efficient control over retail operations.

Avoid retail blind spots!

Does it worry you that your products are not available in sufficient quantities inside stores? That your marketing material is not set up the way it was intended to? 
Well, as shocking as it is, 90% of companies report that their strategies are not executed as planned. With a mobile audits system, Account Managers can oversee planogram compliance with the help of photos and data gathered in-store and our easy-to-understand dashboard, which shows agreement compliance scores, sharable reports, KPI trend lines, and more.

As retail promotion plans count for nothing without correct execution, SmartSpotter keeps you alerted to everything you need to know, so your brand avoids costly retail blind spots. 

Avoid replenishment of shelves not on time

Empty shelves and unavailability of products, even though the product is still in store, is an issue that happens rather frequently and, of course, decreases sales. However, out-of-stock situations in which the products are available but not placed on-shelf are a matter of compliance and in-store execution. 

But you don’t need to worry about auditing that yourself! Using Mobile Audits, with each store shoppers visit, you can get high-quality information and feedback, as well as data that will help you increase your business bottom line and excel at customer experience and satisfaction.

Working with retailers does not have to be challenging, at least not anymore! Crowdsourcing and mobile audits help your business, speeding results on a broader scale. 

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