Click and collect offers a convenient way for customers to receive their desired items. By placing an order online, they can visit the store a few days later to collect their goods. This process is not only straightforward but also highly effective.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, click-and-collect popularity surged in Australia as shoppers sought to avoid crowded stores. It became a reliable alternative for obtaining essential and non-essential items when delivery services were overwhelmed. The number of retailers offering click-and-collect grew significantly in 2020, demonstrating its relevance and effectiveness.

Post-pandemic, the click-and-collect customer experience remains crucial for Australian retailers. Even as lockdown measures ease, many customers prefer the convenience of ordering in advance, which allows for a better work-life balance and more quality time with loved ones. For those returning to the office, click and collect provides a hassle-free way to shop after work or during lunch breaks, eliminating the risk of missed deliveries at home.

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Retailers must strive to deliver exceptional service to enhance the customer experience with click and collect. As competition increases, it becomes vital to prevent negative encounters that could prompt customers to switch to other providers. Whether implementing click-and-collect for the first time or seeking improvement, the following strategies can help keep customers satisfied:


1. Designate a Collection Area: Instead of having click-and-collect customers queue with other shoppers, creating a dedicated and easily identifiable collection area can enhance their experience and make them feel valued. Additionally, strategic placement of additional items can encourage impulse purchases.

2. Maintain Communication: Keeping customers well-informed is essential for a positive experience. Providing clear instructions for order collection and utilising email, text, and in-app notifications to update customers when their goods are ready for pickup can boost satisfaction.

3. Train Staff: Well-trained in-store staff can become advocates for click-and-collect. Retailers can ensure smooth and personalised interactions by educating them on the process and empowering them to go the extra mile for customers.

4. Embrace Creativity: Differentiate your click-and-collect offering by providing unique features that competitors may lack. For instance, consider offering parcel lockers or alternative collection locations to enhance customer flexibility nationwide.


With click-and-collect projected to account for a significant portion of Australia's online spending in the coming years, now is an opportune time for retailers to review and optimise their processes. SmartSpotter's crowdsourcing model can provide valuable insights and assistance in achieving a high-quality user experience for click-and-collect in the country. 


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