You may have heard of the word "crowdsourcing", and its purpose might still confuse you. In general terms, Crowdsourcing is a strategy businesses and researchers use to obtain services from the public. These services take many forms, such as providing information, buying products, and conducting research. 

In retail, connecting with mobile users through Crowdsourcing can generate value for a business, leveraging existing audiences to spread brand awareness, improving sales, and so much more. In addition, it can solve various tasks like developing new products or conducting market research.

Digital Society

That said, the ongoing and quick development of new technologies and the takeover of a fully digital society in which most everyone is a mobile user have broadened the possibilities of what a Crowd can do. Mobile users can provide real-time information from anywhere, performing tasks in an ever-increasing volume that opens up many opportunities for companies to grow. 

The potential applications of Crowdsourcing are enormous, and today, the Internet offers new, improved forms of cooperation with the Crowd based on real-time and geo-located data. Moreover, it has evolved so much that the Crowd can now be more than just a random group of people providing data. 

With the help of tools such as Crowdsourcing, mobile technologies are shaping a new way of working for people and companies, particularly in the retail sector. In an ever-changing marketplace, developing new, flexible ways of interacting with consumers and connecting retailers and suppliers is crucial. That's what Crowdsourcing offers; new ways of engaging with the sector. 

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Skilled Crowd?

Now, when activating a crowd, the Crowd is no longer made up of unknown individuals. Instead, the Crowd can be triggered following a selection process considering skills, experience, and results. Not only that, but the Crowd is in constant training to reach higher and higher standards that meet the needs of the companies. Thus, they represent a reliable, on-demand workforce of field reporters and merchandisers who provide the eyes, insights, and hands that keep your retail execution perfect.

At SmartSpotter, we have been leveraging an unrivalled network of mobile users for years now. Over time, we have developed new technologies and ways of engaging with and activating the Crowd. Because of that, retailers, suppliers, and manufacturers can crowdsource complex merchandising assignments, store audits, and field reporting, setting any business up to succeed. 

Our model's flexibility and ease of use have made it possible for our Spotters community to grow exponentially. The network is made up of all kinds of people, from those who are already employed but are searching for ways to gain extra cash to those who have some free time and benefit from a flexible schedule. 

There are more and more opportunities for specialized Crowds of professionals in the retail sector

The potential of Crowdsourcing has many faces; it does not stop with tasks performed solely by "normal shoppers". The Crowd can now be composed of professionals that can even act on behalf of brands, conducting very complex activities they are trained for. 

This certainly lays the groundwork for a more sustainable future for the retail market, where companies can activate crowds of independent professionals that perform operational activities in higher volumes and for lowers costs. 

At SmartSpotter, we have developed the "PRO Service", bringing a new dimension to merchandising services with unrivalled speed, flexibility, and value for money that's only possible through Crowdsourcing. PRO merchandisers are fully trained to do everything from building new main and second placement displays to ensuring stock is replenished, tidily presented, and correctly priced. 

This way, we are pleased to be able to provide national coverage with local speed whenever and wherever a business needs it. With professional Crowdsourcing, companies can optimize costs, increase customer satisfaction and increase retail footfall. 

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