Being a Spotter is all about flexible tasks that help you make extra cash. This implies that you manage your own time, and you choose how many missions to complete in your day. That said, how much you earn with us depends on how many spots you want to do; the more you complete, the more you make.


Different assignments go live daily, varying in duration, difficulty, and reward. Rewards are based on difficulty, location, or length of the assignment; the range is generally between $4,$10 and $15, but some checks can even pay up to $20. 

Additionally, with every assignment you complete, you will earn SmartPoints, which, when accumulated, allow you to rise in rank. Increasing in position means that you can accept more assignments simultaneously with more time available to carry them out. 

The retail industry is more competitive now than ever. As a result, businesses need to run as efficiently as possible. Store checks are a big part of ensuring proper and efficient in-store execution.


  • Junior Spotter (0 - 100 SmartPoints required)

Can accept two Spots simultaneously and has one hour to complete a Spot.

  • Spotter (100 - 1000 SmartPoints required)

Can accept three Spots simultaneously and has two hours to complete a Spot.

  • Senior Spotter (1000 - 2000 SmartPoints required)

Can accept four Spots simultaneously and has two hours to complete a Spot.

  • SmartSpotter (2000+ SmartPoints required)

Can accept five Spots simultaneously and has three hours to complete a Spot.

We do not limit the number of spots you complete weekly or monthly, so how much you earn is entirely up to you!

Here are some numbers of how much our Spotters earned in the past year so you can have an idea of how much money you can make with us: 

How much Spotters earned in 2022

• We paid out just over $45,000 to Spotters in June

• Over 400 Spotters earned more than $100 using SmartSpotter in 2022

• The monthly average earned was $357

• Our Top Spotter earned over $30,500 in 12 months

• The highest amount a Spotter earned in a month was over $3,000


Occasionally, we offer a bonus for certain types of spots, where Spotters can choose to earn that extra money. Also, many jobs will require one to make a purchase. Who doesn't love to get free stuff? SmartSpotter will always reimburse spotters for any purchase they are required to make. 

What kind of checks do Spotters usually do?

The best thing about SmartSpotter is that it is easy, fast, and flexible. One of the reasons is that we have so many different types of jobs available that Spotters get to choose the best that fits their daily chores. 

Retail checks

These are one of the most common assignments on our platform. Retail checks usually consist of visiting a store and checking on promotional displays, ticketing, and stock level. These checks also break into subcategories: mystery shopping, store audits, competitor intel, and merchandising. 

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