Once you have completed an assignment for us, our SmartSpotter Team is in charge of monitoring the results. In case you were wondering, here’s the reason why we review spots:

Monitoring results is all about quality control and ensuring consistent, accurate information.

Why is this so important?

The most important thing is keeping quality and consistency in our reports, as the collected data is shared with the clients so they can get a complete grip on in-store execution, maximize sales, and make better, informed decisions to improve their business. 

The data we provide must always be accurate and possess the highest quality. 

How do we ensure quality control?

Our main element is the crowd; we rely on Spotters to take clear pictures and provide adequate and consistent information, hence the explicit instructions on every assignment. However, we are aware that sometimes mistakes can be made. 

And so, understanding that high-quality information is essential for business success and that inaccurate data can translate into wasted time and money. As a result, our in-house development team supports our platform. 

We check every spot of every single assignment before uploading it to our dashboard and sending it off to our clients, ensuring that all the information our Spotters provide is backed by evidence and is not contradictory. We also make sure that the pictures provided are sharp and clear. 

How do our Spotters know which data to collect?

Each of our clients has specific requirements for the assignments, and so we design a checklist based on their needs that Spotters will later complete. As we tailor each assignment specifically to each client, our jobs are different. 

The instructions on every assignment are specific and straightforward, but as each task is unique, we understand that Spotters can sometimes slip up when completing a spot. No worries! That’s why we have our in-house quality control team. 

How to deal with a rejected spot

Usually, we can modify errors made by Spotters based on the evidence provided (such as pictures). However, sometimes we do need them to retry a spot, so we reject the check and let them know why; if the location is still available, they can go back and adjust the information. 

Therefore, it is crucial for Spotters to carefully read the instructions and example pictures and review the spot before submitting it.

If you’re a Spotter, here are some tips for you to avoid getting your spots rejected: 

  1. Make sure the pictures and videos you take are as high-quality as possible. Our clients need to see robust and unmistakable evidence that backs the information provided. Blurry photos or images that don’t meet the requirements of the instructions will not be approved. 
  2.  Always remember to double-check your spot before submitting it. Check that all the questions have been completed and that you answered correctly. 
  3.  If you think there’s extra information on the spot you completed that we need to know, don’t forget to add a remark!
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