Spotters are at the heart of our business, what makes it possible. In addition, the core of what we do is the possibility of building a community, so it is important to get to know them. Thus, we conducted a survey to find key insights regarding Smartspotter’s network as a whole. ​​​​​​

Here are some of the insights gathered:

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The age ranges of our spotters vary greatly. However, the majority (72.92%) are over 30 years old. However, there is a significant number of younger Spotters, as 11.4% are 18 to 25 years old, and 15.68% are 26 to 30.

Most of our spotters are women- 76.72%, versus 22.8% male. But there is also a small network of Spotters who identify as Non-binary. 

Mostly, we use Instagram and Facebook to communicate with our Spotters. 79% use Facebook the most, while 50% prefer Instagram. Some others (20%) use Tik Tok more than anything else.

We also wanted to ask Spotters why they are part of our community. For the most part (68.17%), Spotters work with us because they need the extra cash, while 17.34% consider Smartspotter a fun way to earn money. 

We could not leave without asking our Spotters which contexts they prefer to complete missions. Completing assignments while shopping is the most common use of the platform (84%) but completing tasks while having fun (33%) is also very common among Spotters. Some others even do it while they are working!

When asked, “What is the thing you like the most about SmartSpotter?” here are the most common answers that we got: 

  • “The ability to choose missions that suit you”
  • “You can do it in your own time.”
  • “Questions are easy to understand and complete.”
  • “Easy, extra cash.”
  • “Variety of missions & having lots of local locations to visit regularly.”
  • “The opportunity to make some much-needed cash”
  • “The ability to browse the jobs and get a good idea of the requirements before committing”
  • “The ability to pick and choose jobs, multiple jobs in one store”
  • “Being able to earn extra money while doing normal things like groceries or getting fuel.”
  • “It’s so much fun!”
  • “The option to get paid in places I’m going to anyway.”


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