Whether you’re a Spotter already or want to join our community, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your Spots!

Schedule your Spots when you have free time

If you have the notifications turned on, our app will let you know when tasks are nearby for you to complete. Although the assignments we post do not take up much of your time, you can complete them spontaneously. Scheduling in future jobs is also a good idea if you want to earn extra money and complete several spots in a day.
You can also combine your jobs with other parts of your routine (going for a walk, for example) or take advantage of your trips to the supermarket.

1. Complete several tasks to rise in rank.

Want to become a top Spotter? You will achieve that by earning SmartPoints, which are points that you save when you carry out assignments. Accumulating these points allows you to rise in rank. 

You can start by completing lots of the same type of job in different locations! Our tasks are straightforward, and they get even easier with practice. 

Accumulating these points allows you to rise in rank, which will enable you to accept more assignments simultaneously and gives you more time to carry out the assignments.

New assignments appear in the app daily. So look for fun assignments in your area and carry them out in return for a nice reward!

2. Check the instructions and example images before completing the assignment.

After completing your accepted assignment, SmartSpotter will check if all your photos and answers are correct.

It is true that the tasks we post are reasonably straightforward and do not take much time to complete. However, in some cases, the material that Spotters submit does not meet the requirements we set for the assignment and is considered unusable. Unfortunately, this means we must reject your spot. 

To avoid having your spot rejected, take a look at the instructions for each job so you can take good photos and provide a detailed description when requested.

If you completed the assignment correctly, it will be approved, and the amount you earned will be added to your account.


Just remember that no experience is needed to get started! Earning extra money has never been so fun and easy!

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