At SmartSpotter Australia, we have been working hard to strengthen the relationship between retailers and suppliers, transforming the industry in our quest to be the solution for all in-store execution needs.

We are very excited to be mentioned by the Drinks Association as one of the premium services they offer. See link at the end of this post. 

We are very excited to offer SmartSpotter PRO & TEAM as part of our standard portfolio of solutions. This new service enables our company to handle and address merchandising, offering real-time solutions to our customers. In addition, the business model allows us to implement a flexible and task-based problem-solving system. 

How does it work?

SmartSpotter Pro gives suppliers access to a specialized team that becomes their eyes on the shop floor, maximizing retail turnover and ensuring real-time, quality work. 

By seeing what customers see in real-time, you can assess problems and take action as soon as needed while your agreements are being fulfilled. In addition, the SmartSpotter Pro Team is trained to perform corrective actions on demand.

SmartSpotter Pro is our fast, specialized, and flexible solution for setting up and maintaining perfect displays. As a result, we execute planograms, pricing, and promotional materials more precisely as they should be.

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SmartSpotter Team

Along with SmartSpotter Pro, we offer a new service: SmartSpotter Team. It is the leading platform for consolidating, managing, and evaluating point-of-sale execution through different sources (crowd, internal Field Team and merchandisers). 

SmartSpotter Team is a system that allows flexible, efficient, and automated solutions that will help you achieve optimal execution, designed to focus on our business specialty: building relationships, improving in-store experiences, and increasing sales.

Multiple services to increase your bottom line

Take Liquord Legends as an example; they hire SmartSpotter as a multi-premium service, through which they 

  • Run mystery shopping campaigns using regular crowdsourced shoppers who visit their store so they can gather insights regarding their level of in-store execution
  • Their Field Team uses SmartSpotter Team to measure and analyze activities in-store to ensure planogram compliance, on-shelf availability, promotional execution, and overall store performance. 

Each report is presented in our interactive dashboard, supported by our in-house development team, business intelligence and AI integrations.

SmartSpotters grants are neatly packaged into real-time, automated, and shareable analytics that empower you to take effective action. It is an affordable, effective way to improve your in-store execution. 

Are you ready to have all agreements fulfilled, have an improved ROI of your TEAM and have a clear brand overview to accelerate in-store experience and sales simultaneously?

SmartSpotter CROWD, PRO or TEAM will allow your business to increase its bottom line. That’s how we are helping change the retail industry.

See the link from the Drinks Association website to find out more about the SmartSpotter range of services:

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