Ever wondered why your off-location displays may not be working as they should? Aren't being correctly executed or not attracting enough customers? Here's an easy guide to avoid common mistakes. 

Proper and intelligent retail merchandising is key to ensuring the success of your brand. When it comes to visual merchandising, retail displays are essential in driving attention, increasing brand awareness, and introducing new products. However, if an off-location display is not doing its job, it is crucial to identify why it's not working, which are often a complex combination of factors. 
SmartSpotter has compiled for your business a list of the most common reasons why your in-store displays may not be working:

Little to no visibility

It may seem obvious, but if the customers can't see the display, it's just not going to work. A display not only needs to be placed in a good location inside the store, but it also needs proper lighting, so it draws attention to your products. In addition, an off-location display should not be too far off the main traffic flow or blocked by racks or shelves, as it will lose its impact. 
An excellent location for any in-store display is at the front entrance or by the registers. Most shoppers will likely see these as they pass by. Gondola-ends are very effective spots as well. Shoppers can see these areas as they walk around the store, driving sales. 

Your display is a one-dimensional plan

 In-store displays need to be exciting and have appealing visuals. Prevalent mistakes that retailers make when creating a display is that it may lack depth or height. One-dimensional displays do not draw attention; they will most likely fall flat. Bright colours and unique looks are beneficial as well to create visual interest. 

Lack of interactivity 

When customers can interact with a display, conversions increase as they are more likely to purchase a product or service if they experience it beforehand. 
 Simply showcasing products may not be doing it for your brand any longer. Instead, incorporating interactive elements and providing customers with more than a visual experience can make your product stand out and lift sales. That way, you are creating deeper engagements with your products and your brand!
 Let customers test your merchandise! Then, create immersive experiences that convert them. 

Your display lacks utility

Creating a visually appealing display is no use if it lacks utility, as you will be missing out on sales opportunities. Using products that are not for sale or even hiding pricing information serves no purpose. Instead, try getting in your shoppers' shoes and imagine what information would they like to see. For example, a sign that lists product details and prices, even sizing information can increase utility and do wonders. Also, if your display incorporates digital tv, make sure it doesn't play the wrong ad.

Your display executions are stale

Not updating your displays frequently enough is another common mistake among retailers. Showcasing the same products for weeks and months is not attention-grabbing and eventually stops converting shoppers. Variation is essential as it adds value to your merchandise. Take advantage of seasonal changes, events and holidays and capitalize your displays on that. 

Mobile audits and the power of crowdsourcing through our SmartSpotter platform will let you take control of your display execution!

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