The underlying motivation behind companies wanting to innovate more is the need to grow. And boosting growth entails improving the business to be more efficient and productive. Field teams are a fundamental pillar for every company in the retail industry. Do you feel your field teams aren't being optimised when they could be? We understand that this issue can generate higher costs and slow down the growth of your business. But what if we told you that there are practical ways to optimise the performance of your field team, so your retail operations gain more efficiency?

The issue with pure auditing-based work

Field teams are responsible for many essential tasks, from merchandising and building relationships to selling and training. However, there is often a particular function that takes a lot of their time when you send your field team out: audit work. As there are so many locations to visit, pure audit work is something that costs your company time and money and makes your field team less efficient.

Put simply, it's a waste of time if your teams are visiting all locations instead of only those that need action. In retail, for your business to be competitive, it needs to be able to solve problems as quickly as possible, showing clients that you're capable of taking on their requests. But when auditing-based work takes up so many resources and time, it isn't easy to direct your team's efforts in an agile manner. 

Making your field team more efficient

What needs to be done to correct this issue is very simple: you need to make sure that your field teams are doing the work they're paid to do, not field audits which take 95% of their time! The answer? Outsource the auditing work so your field teams' visits are more efficient and productive, targeted to those stores that need immediate action. That way, you can plan for those visits. The more information you can gather on the locations before sending in your teams, the better.

By optimising your team's time, you can achieve better ROI from them and respond to your clients' needs in a timely manner. 

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SmartSpotter helps you drive efficiency for your business

We welcome you to our world of flexible, powerful, and automated solutions to help you towards perfect retail execution. Our specialised network of crowdsourced mystery shoppers is always ready anywhere in the country to collect data on the locations you need. They collect the data through our industry-leading smartphone app, providing all insights required when an assignment is close to their site.

The data collected is then returned to us and displayed in our easy-to-understand dashboard, showing agreement compliance scores, sharable reports, KPI trend lines, and more. This way, you instantly see what the Crowd found, together with analytics that show opportunities within. 

By crowdsourcing audit work, we keep our solution cost-effective for you, also offering a way to minimise overarching business costs like fuel, as our modern auditing tools will save you're your field teams spend behind the wheel of a car.

But that's not the only solution. You can also choose to get your staff involved. After that, all you need to do is decide what you want to know!

SmartSpotter TEAM

The solution lies not only in outsourcing audit work but also ensuring that any audit work that your field teams perform is as efficient as possible. With SmartSpotter TEAM, your company's people can report their field activities via the TEAM version of our app. Their observations are shown in the SmartSpotter dashboard, alongside others commissioned from the Crowd.

The platform is designed to let your team focus on their expertise: build relationships, improve in-store experiences and grow sales, significantly improving the field performance. 

  • Mobile merchandising & sales app: make it fun for your team to report on store audits. Setup and manage missions to collect and share store-level data and pictures to feed in-store intelligence.
  • Simple, automated & efficient reporting: data-driven insights and automated alerts lead to faster strategic actions. Share live results with trade partners to cooperate towards a perfect retail execution.
  • Promotion & Planogram compliance: ensure your products are always perfectly executed with efficient surveys for planogram compliance, on-shelf availability, image recognition, and more.


Here's what our clients have to say:

Brownes Dairy:

Smartspotter has given Brownes extra eyes in the trade and has helped us better understand current challenges and opportunities at the retailer level.

Using SmartSpotter Team we have all reports in a single solid platform. Today we can see what see what happens in the field faster than ever!!. In that way, we can take action before the promotional period finishes

Ivana Pereza, Brand Manager and Category Development


The Automated Dashboard provides clear insights for a perfect store promo execution. Retailers use photos, scores and trends to optimise our promotional execution. Together with the retailers, we aim towards a beer store which usually results in more effective promotions. 


It is very user-friendly for the App users in stores and the users reading the reports. Our people no longer have to make reports at home which brings them more job satisfaction. For us, it is the ideal connection tool between Signify and retailers


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