The Covid-19 pandemic is not yet over, but things are looking a little brighter as vaccination rates increase and mobility and confinement restrictions continue to be lifted. Several studies show that consumers are becoming more proactive, and fewer restrictions are starting to pay off. Many countries are already showing signs of economic recovery, although the approaching winter in Europe is clear evidence that high vaccination rates remain key to communities – and economies – avoiding more lockdowns.

In Australia, the economy has continued its rapid rebound, growing larger than pre-pandemic times. This is the sign everybody has been waiting to get businesses off the ground and of a good amount of cashing savings that have been made by some during the pandemic.
Timing is perfect for using crowdsourcing services such as SmartSpotter which provides the ideal connection between suppliers and retailers to maximize sales, and to deliver reliable quality, timely and accurate results in an affordable way.
SmartSpotter connects you with thousands of everyday consumers who can become your eyes and hands in the stores. They can provide insights about your product/campaigns faster than through any other traditional method. 

It’s a program that helps to avoid repeated internal in-store visits reports (planogram compliance, stock on shelf, share of shelf, etc), helps boost Field Team efficiencies and allows mobile retail auditing in-store execution across a wide geographical coverage of stores.

As the economy reactivates, brands need to reinvent the way they do business and adapt. Using crowdsourcing services such as SmartSpotter's, suppliers can transition from a fixed-based resource model to an increasingly flexible, task-based resource. It is a cost-effective option that shows timely and accurate results.
In addition, customer’s feedback always includes an easy-to-use interface, with actionable insights to act upon and make decisions on the spot. They are always looking for well-presented information to drive better in-store execution and excellence in merchandising.
Lastly, the crowdsourcing model allows customers to save field-related costs and get faster results by collecting instant data from the shoppers who can become their eyes in the field. In the end, it is all about saving the most valuable internal resource: time! In that way, companies can focus more time and energy on strategies to grow their bottom line, making the most out of the economic recovery and increasing their customer base.

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