As technology continues to make it easier for the Crowd to participate in co-creating and decision-making processes and contribute time, expertise, and information, Crowdsourcing is creating a new business pattern. 

That said, this collective mobilization is the perfect opportunity to re-signify conventional work processes, allowing people to use their skills flexibly through tech platforms. 

As a result, Crowdsourcing lets businesses use a vast array of mobile users' expertise without incurring the standard overhead costs of in-house teams, allowing them to engage with a broader spectrum of sources. 

Crowdsourcing has proven very cost-effective, especially for those companies that must execute many tasks simultaneously in multiple locations while gathering real-time data that enables decision-making on the spot. In addition, with the emergence of new markets, digital transformation, and e-commerce, Crowdsourcing has become a popular tool widely used in the retail industry. 

SmartSpotter's years-long experience in the mobile crowdsourcing market allows us to show that using on-demand Crowd to perform tasks in retail can empower businesses with flexibility, quality data gathering, efficient decision-making processes, and sustainability. In addition, we have learned that, through these main pillars, companies can get the most out of the crowdsourcing model: 


Our Crowd is conformed of trained members of the public, called "Spotters", who enjoy visiting retail stores and reporting on what they find, conducting mystery shopping which provides eyes on the ground in every corner of the country. Thus, our force of spotters gathers information from far and wide within efficient timeframes and at a lower cost. 

In need of gathering data from remote locations? No need to worry. At SmartSpotter, we can mobilize hundreds of thousands of Spotters across Australia, covering all corners of the country.

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Crowdsourcing is especially useful when the same retail operations need to be repeated over time or in different locations. Thus there is an ongoing need to conduct store audits to ensure compliance is upheld reliably. Through mobile tech, Spotters can execute the same task in multiple stores and locations with previous training. 

We reward and encourage Spotters to keep completing repeatable assignments based on the need of our customers. 


As correctly executed, point-of-sale activations are crucial for success in retail channels, merchandising activities, and store audits that must be coated with quality and reliability. Experience has shown us that Crowdsourcing can be a reliable method, as data collected from several individuals ensures quality by reducing individual bias and establishing statistical reliability. 

The aforementioned is reinforced by the fact that Spotters are duly trained, and we maintain a system of constant communication with them to correct mistakes and improve service. Our dashboard is a unique in-store excellence tool supported by our in-house development team, business intelligence, and AI integrations.

People from your company can also do field research via the TEAM version of our app. It is designed to let your team focus on their expertise: build relationships, improve in-store experiences, and grow sales.

Plus, the SmartSpotter PRO service ensures quality. The PRO merchandisers are fully trained to do everything from building new main and second placement displays to ensuring stock is replenished, tidily presented, and correctly priced, with all POS materials positioned and updated as necessary, as specified in planograms. 

Enables real-time decision making

Our interactive dashboard shows all reports, photos, and scores, complete with verified geo-located data. It is neatly packaged into real-time, automated, and shareable analytics that empower you to take effective action on the spot. 

Data-driven insights and automated alerts lead to faster strategic actions. This way, you can share live results with trade partners to cooperate towards a perfect retail execution.


The SmartSpotter Crowd is a robust, on-demand workforce for any business needing flexible, cost-effective retail auditing. No matter how big or small your business is, crowdsourcing tools allow operational activities to be executed in high volumes. 

Our network of thousands of Spotters is available wherever and whenever needed. This way, your company can accelerate the simultaneous performance of a task in several stores across the country.


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