At SmartSpotter, it is essential to us that spotters can supercharge their earnings with our platform. Part of our job is to provide flexibility for spotters to plan their day to get the most out of it.

As a Spotter, it is up to you to decide how many missions to complete in a day; The more you complete, the more you make



You do not need to wait for a job to be reviewed before moving on to the next one. With our Multiple Live Jobs app feature, you can complete lots of checks quickly, accepting spots simultaneously to plan your route. That way, you get consistency in your missions. It is fast, flexible, and straightforward.

How accepting multiple spots can help you earn more money

With this feature, you don't have to wait for your spot to be reviewed by our team, but you can set aside multiple jobs and do them as you finish others, heading straight off to complete your next check.

How many jobs you can set aside also depends on the rank you hold as a spotter and how much time you have to complete one check. 

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Junior spotters can accept two Spots simultaneously and have one hour to complete a Spot, Spotters are allowed to lock three Spots simultaneously and have two hours to complete a Spot, Senior Spotters can lock four Spots simultaneously and have two hours to complete one. SmartSpotters can lock five Spots simultaneously and have three hours to complete a Spot.

You rank up depending on the Smart Points you get, which you earn with each check you complete. 

Best way to increase your earnings 

You can map out an entire route of undercover jobs using the multiple accept spots feature. In that way, you can get the maximum amount of assignments done in one day! Earn extra pocket money at your own pace. 

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