In this new year, with new challenges in the retail industry and significant projects for our customers, our portfolio of services offered from our crowdsourcing tool continues to grow. Take a look at our most booked projects from a large number of our customers: 

Mystery Shopping Checks

Mystery Shopping is a tool used in retail to get reliable and ongoing feedback on customers' experience, measuring the quality of sales and service and employees' performance in the business. 

These customers wish to get a clear view of how their products are being displayed and check their brands' in-store presence. 

Mystery Shopping is an excellent tool to evidence compliance and measure the success of in-store execution. In addition, it involves customer experience, giving the retail managers an objective view of how their employees interact with the clients and the level of customer satisfaction.

"Since we started using SmartSpotter, the results measured so far have helped us get an even better in-store execution with our customers on and off-premise.

The dashboard provided immediate insights and photos that allowed us to adjust and redirect our teams and resources to turn around lower-performing/complying stores".

Saskia Andriessen – Shopper Marketing Manager at Lion

Store Audits

There is also a trend towards more brands asking for regulatory compliance related checks. One thing about store audits is that they offer deep insights into your retail business; they help you examine the effectiveness of your displays, keep your inventory in check, verify planogram compliance and general stores performance.

Keep in mind that retail execution quality impacts your brand's reputation and your bottom line; with our model of crowdsourcing and AI, store audits have taken on a new role for retail businesses, offering more insights and data than ever before!

Product Sampling

We call it SmartSampling: it is all about getting shoppers to buy, try and provide feedback about your product.

Customers only need to tell us the shopper insights and demographics they want. In exchange, we map all retailer locations, set up, design and advertising on social media, and get our spotters to sample their product.

In that way, brands increase recurrent sales by connecting with thousands of shoppers who can become your eyes in the field. Spotters can also crave your shoppers by giving them a sample, making them fall in love with it! 

SmartSampling is a model that guarantees sales. It is both flexible and cost-effective. It leverages campaigns with social media ads, helps get direct feedback from consumers, exposes consumers to the entire product range on-shelf and encourages them to post product reviews on social media. 

Last but not least, it has national coverage, as our platform connects with shoppers all over the country.

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