To say that Valentine’s Day is one of the most significant commercial opportunities for marketers and retailers is an understatement. In 2022, Australians spent about $415 million on Valentine’s Day gifts. With spending expected to reach more than that in 2023, this romantic holiday is something your business should leverage. 

At SmartSpotter, we always emphasize the importance of customer experience importance on shoppers. A quality experience is one of the pillars of customer loyalty and retention. This new year, more and more retailers are turning to more personalized experiences for shoppers, both in-store and online. 

That said, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for retailers to plan their marketing strategy in a way that helps them get more personal with their customers than ever before while efficiently tracking sales and promotional execution across all locations. 

SmartSpotter presents you the Retailer’s Guide to Valentine’s Day, with some actionable Valentine’s Day marketing strategies that can help your business drive sales during this holiday.

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How to get more personal as a retailer

Breaking down siloed data and having it collected in one place is the best way of getting to know your customers. Storing data in one platform is becoming more and more critical for retailers, as collective data enables businesses to accurately analyze and predict customer behaviour. It helps reduce retailer uncertainty, and it becomes even more essential to do so in peak shopping periods, such as Valentine’s Day. 

Collecting insight into customer behaviour gives your business the upper hand in knowing and understanding your customers, therefore being able to offer shoppers the experience they are looking for when they are shopping for presents. 

Identifying shopping behaviours and providing personalized experiences mitigates the stress that shopping for presents on Valentine’s Day (and any other big holiday) might imply. Instead, it is all about making the experience way more enjoyable and straightforward for the customers and your business. 

By leveraging data collected in real-time, retailers can get valuable insights into customers’ needs, expectations, and decisions. Analyzing this information reduces uncertainty, allowing your business to give back to the customers. 

Check-in on your merchandising 

Are your stores ready with more than $400 million up for grabs? Are Valentine’s Day marketing and merchandising strategies executed across all your stores?

Relying entirely on paper and excel is error-prone, slow, and costly. Furthermore, deploying a full in-house team to audit every location is ultimately the opposite of cost-efficient. 

Lucky for you, there is a way to automate checking in on your merchandising across all locations and ensuring planogram execution, obtaining immediate results, lowering costs and higher sales. 

Get in on it with SmartSpotter

Plan your Valentine’s Day marketing strategies ahead of time, ensuring a personalized experience for your customers by using our mobile crowdsourcing system to conduct surveys and gather insights on your products. 

SmartSpotter also provides a platform for faster store execution, helping you roll out your merchandising programs and strategies. That way, you can ensure your programs are executed right on time for Valentine’s Day across all stores in Australia.  

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