Are you a business owner or entrepreneur seeking a profound understanding of your customer base? Do you desire to unravel the intricacies of their expectations as they step into your establishment? Are you curious about their initial impressions, whether positive or negative? How satisfied are they with your employees and the products you offer?

We recognize these questions' crucial role in unlocking the path to business success. By delving into the minds of your customers, you can gain invaluable insights that will empower you to cater precisely to their desires, propelling your business towards remarkable growth.

Yet, as a busy small business owner or entrepreneur, time is precious. Your focus lies in operating your business effectively and efficiently, leaving little room for extensive market research.

Enter the realm of Mobile Research, where SmartSpotter's innovation thrives—ushering in a new era of crowdsourced customer feedback. 

Empowered by cutting-edge mobile technology, we deliver real-time, accurate insights through Mystery Shopping. Our platform harnesses the collective wisdom of crowdsourcing, enabling respondents to provide anonymous answers to the questions that matter most to business owners like you.

The covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we shop locally; the "Shop Local" trend is one that clearly has helped multiple small businesses to succeed amid the global economic recovery. Here’s how to adapt this trend…

Seamless Feedback Collection Anywhere, Anytime

Designed with time-strapped business owners in mind, mobile mystery shopping presents an ideal solution. While you dedicate your efforts to managing your operations, our intuitive do-it-yourself tool works tirelessly to gather critical customer insights and business information, forming the foundation of your small business strategy. With hundreds of thousands of spotters—mobile app users—across Australia, our network of spotters offers distinct advantages in collecting business information. Consider just three key benefits:


Our spotters act as your trusted observers, equipped to capture firsthand experiences in your store. Their anonymity ensures honest feedback, empowering them to provide critical reviews without hesitation.

A Fresh Perspective:

Unlike marketing professionals, our spotters are genuine consumers, enabling them to represent the voice of your customers authentically. Their fresh and valuable perspective serves as a valuable asset while our team takes care of essential market research tasks such as quality control and data analysis.


Thanks to the swiftness of mobile technology, spotters can swiftly gather the information you seek. Armed with smartphones, they can capture photos and answer questions in mere minutes, seamlessly transmitting their insights to our Quality Control system, instantaneously shaping your understanding of customer experiences.


Why rely on guesswork when certainty is within reach? Take the first step and embark on an enlightening journey to uncover the true sentiments of your customers. 

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