Millions of Australians fill up their vehicles daily. Pitstops at petrol stations are an everyday thing… and, sometimes, customers take the opportunity for a snack on the go too. 

This document analyses the behaviour of Australians during visits to petrol stations. When or how do they determine whether to shop inside a petrol station for food, snacks, and beverages? We surveyed our large Spotters community to learn about their purchase behaviour while filling up their cars. 

Regarding petrol station shopping

On Average, 53.15% of shoppers across all states in Australia visit Petrol Stations at least twice a week. Likewise, 40.9% of respondents said they refill their car once a fortnight. 

But how often do they shop in petrol station stores?

The covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we shop locally; the "Shop Local" trend is one that clearly has helped multiple small businesses to succeed amid the global economic recovery. Here’s how to adapt this trend…
  • Most shoppers (23.95%) usually shop in petrol station stores when they fill up their car at least once a week, while 12.18% claim they shop twice a week. 
  • On the other hand, 17.02% of respondents said they shop in petrol station stores several times a week. In comparison, 9.24% answered they never stop to buy anything when they fill up their car, and 15.97% claim they generally purchase something other than gas or petrol during a quick stop on the road every two weeks. 

Reasons to shop at petrol station stores

We have also asked shoppers why they usually stop shopping in Petrol Convenience Stores. Again, these were the most common answers: 

  • 27.12% of shoppers answered they usually stop at a gas station store when going on a long drive (e.g. holidays) and want to buy food for on the road
  • 23.17% of respondents claim that shopping at Petrol Convenience Stores is more spontaneous, as it happens more often when they are there anyway, filling up their gas and spotting something they want in the store. 
  • For others, it is more of a matter of convenience. 14.7% answered they shop at these stores when they are there and conveniently see something they already need. In comparison, 13.87% of shoppers responded that they shop at Petrol Convenience Stores when they forget a product while grocery shopping and other supermarkets are closed. 
  • 14.7% of shoppers answered that the most common circumstance in which they stop to shop at Petrol Stations is when they drive back and forth from work and want something to eat or snack. 

What are the most popular products Australians shop for at Petrol Convenience Stores?

Sweet snacks (55%), refreshing drinks (54%) and coffee or tea (50%) are the most popular products to buy in a petrol station shop.

The least popular products shoppers buy in these stores are fruits (3%) and flowers (2%). 

The covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we shop locally; the "Shop Local" trend is one that clearly has helped multiple small businesses to succeed amid the global economic recovery. Here’s how to adapt this trend…

How much are Australians willing to spend at Petro Stations Shops?

The willingness of Australians to spend in these shops varies a lot.

Regarding shopping at petrol stations, most Australians are willing to spend between 5-10 dollars (56.73%), while 21.95% of Australians are not willing to spend more than 1-5 dollars. 

We also disaggregated responses by state:

In every state, shoppers are mainly willing to pay between 5-10 dollars. 

Does price influence shoppers' behaviour at Petrol Convenience Stores?

We asked shoppers whether they care for promotions when they're buying something different from petrol in a Petrol Station Store. This is what they answered: 

Most Australian consumers focus on price and promotions when stopping at a Petro Convenience Store. For example, 49.69% of consumers answered that they always look for promotions at these stores, while 23.4% claim they rarely look for better deals. 

Preferred petrol station Brands

We also asked customers to select the top 3 Petrol Station Brands they prefer.

The most popular Petrol Station Brands are 7-Eleven and Woolworths, followed by Coles Express and BP. 

NSW: 1. 7-Eleven (66%) 2. Woolworths Petrol (61%)

ACT: 1. 7-Eleven (67%) 2. Coles Express and Woolworths (both at 44%)

VIC: 1. 7-Eleven (61%) 2. Coles Express (60%)

QLD: 1. 7-Eleven (61%) 2. Woolworths (60%)

WA: 1. 7-Eleven (56%) 2. Coles Express and BP (both at 44%)

SA: 1. On The Run (72%) 2. Woolworths Petrol (56%)

TAS: 1. Woolworths Petrol (77%) 2. Coles Express (69%)

NT: 1. Coles Express (61%) 2. United (44%) 

Crowdsourcing Solutions

This report was based on an investigative task submitted to the Spotter Crowd during the first half of 2022. Its purpose was to understand the behaviour of customers at Petrol Convenience Stores. The findings account for data collected from thousands of respondents all over Australia. 

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