This collaboration provides high-quality performance with faster results by facilitating an accurate snapshot of in-store shelf conditions. In addition, it combines SmartSpotter’s innovative crowdsourcing model with Parallel Dot’s Shelfwatch artificial intelligence, thus driving better in-store execution and excellence in merchandising.

That way, retailers and manufacturers can access real-time insights, transitioning from a fixed-based resource model to an increasingly flexible, task-based, and cost-effective one that shows timely and accurate results.

How does Parallel Dots’ Shelfwatch Image Recognition work?

It uses Computer Vision to analyse shelf images & displays that generate perfect store KPI insights in real-time by providing corrective feedback. 

Companies such as Asahi Breweries already leverage the SmartSpotter & Parallel Dots’ Shelfwatch solution. This is what they have to say: 


“Simple concept, great value! Our entire team is using it to track the success of our Activations and NPDs consistently. Results allow us to work together with Retailers towards better results. We are now moving from a fixed-based resource to an increasingly flexible and task-based one.

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Intelligent solutions for every retailer and supplier

Embracing digital innovation in today’s competitive landscape is key to staying relevant. That is why the Image Recognition technology that Parallel Dots offers, along with SmartSpotter’s dashboard system to display the information, is the most cost-effective solution to maximise your in-store execution.  

95%+ recognition accuracy at SKU-level

ShelfWatch + SmartSpotter achieves 95%+ product recognition accuracy at the SKU level. In addition, it gives you a complete picture of the in-store planogram execution by calculating KPIs that need to be customised according to your goals and needs. 

These include: 

  • Planogram Compliance
  • POS Materials
  • On-shelf availability
  • Share Of Shelf
  • Pricing

How it works: 

  1. Crowdsourced in-store visits (SmartSpotter): The SmartSpotter network of crowdsourced mystery shoppers are always ready anywhere in the country, collecting data and photographic evidence of every shelf/bay in stores. 
  2. Computer vision analysis (Parallel Dots): The evidence is then sent to the cloud to be scanned and analysed using On-Device Image Recognition technology (ODIN). This allows instant reporting from shelf pictures captured by Spotters by processing them on their hand-held devices. Our AI tech reads and categorises every element on the shelf and provides clear insights. 
  3. Comprehensive reporting: Your fact-based dashboard is then available in a decision-making format, with verified and geo-located data that empowers customers to act. 

You can then share your insights with your stakeholders so they can see what happens in the field. It is all about transparency!

Why use SmartSpotter + Parallel Dots’ Shelfwatch?

  • Accurate
  • Cost-effective
  • Seamless Integration
  • Real-time insights
  • Maximises turnovers


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