In need of ensuring in-store correct execution in several locations, all over the country, in real-time, but need more field resources to do so? 

Retail promotion plans count for something with correct execution. Therefore, ensuring planogram compliance and proper execution of promotions and off-location displays is crucial for any brand and retailer. However, this task can be tricky when a handful of stores need to be monitored, as in-house merchandising workforces are often insufficient to carry out the process homogeneously throughout the territory, and resources can be costly and time-consuming. 

Lucky for you, merchandising processes can be cost-effective and more efficient and faster through crowdsourcing. 

On-call merchandising experience

SmartSpotter PRO brings a new dimension to merchandising services with unrivalled speed, flexibility and value for money that's only possible through crowdsourcing. We deploy a fully trained merchandisers team, hand-picked from our most experienced and trusted Crowd Spotters, which deliver expertise and bring you the benefits of global know-how. 

Via SmartSpotter PRO, we are pleased to be able to provide national coverage with local speed whenever and wherever you need it.

How does our service work

SmartSpotter PRO allows your business to use crowdsourcing to check, assess, and generate corrective actions in stores. 

The covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we shop locally; the "Shop Local" trend is one that clearly has helped multiple small businesses to succeed amid the global economic recovery. Here’s how to adapt this trend…

PRO Assignments are defined based on previous insights or customer needs, and corrective actions can be done in real-time as reported in your live dashboard. 

We provide you with the following: 

  • Agile's on-demand workforce for all your blitz activities without the traditionally linked costs
  • Minimised missed sales opportunities through a low-effort activity.
  • The possibility of focusing your field team on higher-value activities.
  • A perfect way for you to manage your budget and cap the resources you want to allocate.
  • Maximised number of stores/shelves fixed since the spend is driven by success.
  • Increase your brand awareness by tapping into the PRO, shoppers community.

With SmartSpotter PRO, you can get 25% to 38% in savings compared to any traditional blitz activity. 

With an interactive dashboard that reveals all

Everything is managed and reported through the SmartSpotter dashboard. All alerts and insights from our solutions come together here. The SmartSpotter dashboard is your go-to place for discovering all our actionable insights, A unique in-store excellence tool supported by our in-house development team, business intelligence and AI integrations.

This is where you see all reports, photos and scores, complete with verified geo-located data—neatly packaged into real-time, automated and shareable analytics that empower you to take effective action. Enable your team with a single pane of glass platform and a unique source of truth for timely and accurate decisions. 

"I was really impressed with the speed at which the SmartSpotter team were able to provide insights and reporting and then act on that data to improve execution in store, a real game changer" - Colleen Mooney Snack Brands - National Business Manager- Woolworths.

Use SmartSpotter for: 

  • Compliance
  • Availability
  • Promotion tracking
  • Shelf readings
  • Field force team management
  • Price checking
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Product Sampling


Don't wait days to access your in-store execution insights when you can do it in hours!

Set up to succeed and maintain standards with our service. Ensure every display is optimised and stock is replenished, with correct pricing and up-to-date POS materials on show in all the right places. Via scheduled check-ups or when SmartSpotter insights indicate a need to act.

Ready when you are!

Getting started with SmartSpotter PRO is easy. First, our sales team will discuss your needs and guide you through the setup process. Once that's done, our PRO Spotters will be ready to visit your targeted stores lighting fast!


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