At SmartSpotter, we have a dedicated team of reviewers who manually examine every task submission to ensure the quality of the information provided. Occasionally, tasks are rejected if they do not meet our standards, and in such cases, we invite you to try performing the task again.

These are the most common reasons for task rejection:

1. Incorrect Location: Your task was not completed at the designated location specified in the requirements. Ensuring that you carry out the task at the correct place is crucial.

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2. Photo Quality: The clarity of the photos plays a vital role in the assessment process. If the images you submit are taken from too far away, appear blurry, or are either too dark or too light, they may not meet the required standards.

3. Non-Compliance with Task Description: The photos you capture must align with the requirements outlined in the task description. The images may only be accepted if they meet the specified criteria.

4. Use of Unauthorized Photos: Unless explicitly stated otherwise, taking photos from computer screens, other images, or previously taken photos is unacceptable. Such submissions are likely to be rejected.

5. Inappropriate or Explicit Content: Mystery shopping tasks often require discretion and professionalism. Any submission containing inappropriate or explicit photos will be rejected, as it goes against our guidelines.

6. Insufficient Explanation in Answers: It is essential to provide comprehensive explanations in your answers. In some cases, there’s additional information that we require. Failing to meet this requirement may lead to task rejection.

7. Inconsistent Answers and Photos: Your answers should correspond with the accompanying photos. Your task may only be accepted if there is a match or consistency between your responses and the visual evidence.

8. Photos Taken from Inside a Car: Submitting pictures taken inside a car generally differs from what we are looking for. It is important to capture images from the appropriate vantage point to ensure accuracy and adherence to guidelines.

To minimize the chances of task rejection, we recommend that you stick to the following guidelines when submitting your tasks:

  • Ensure your photos are clear, well-lit, and of high quality.

  • Carefully read and follow the instructions provided in the task description.

  • Provide comprehensive and detailed answers to any questions included in the task.

  • Display creativity and originality if requested, adding value to your submissions.

  • Avoid having photos with identifiable people, as it may compromise privacy and violate guidelines.

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