Dear Spotters,

We appreciate your dedication and commitment to completing tasks with precision. Our team of reviewers meticulously evaluates each submission to ensure the highest data quality. However, there are instances where a task may be rejected, and we want to shed light on the common reasons behind these rejections.

Here are the most prevalent reasons for task rejection:

  • Incorrect location: Ensure your task is completed at the designated location specified in the task description.

  • Unclear photos: Clear and well-lit images are crucial. Avoid taking pictures from too far away, blurry shots, or those with extreme lighting conditions.

  • Non-compliance with task requirements: Photos should align with the specified task description. Failure to meet these criteria may result in rejection.

  • Use of inappropriate photos: Refrain from using images from computer screens, other pictures, or previously taken shots unless explicitly permitted.

  • Insufficient explanation: Provide detailed responses, especially when a minimum word count is specified. Thoroughly answer all questions to avoid rejection.

  • A mismatch between photos and answers: Ensure consistency between your photos and the information provided in your answers.

  • Photos from inside a car: Avoid submitting pictures taken inside a vehicle, as these may not meet our quality standards.

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To minimize the chances of rejection, follow these guidelines:

  • Clear and bright photos: Always capture clear, bright images.

  • Adherence to Instructions: Comply with the instructions outlined in the task description.

  • Thorough answers: Provide comprehensive responses to all questions.

  • Creativity and originality: Display creativity and originality when requested.

  • Avoid people in photos: Refrain from including pictures with clearly visible individuals.


Incorporating these practices into your spotting routine enhances the likelihood of successful task completion. We value your efforts and thank you for contributing to the SmartSpotter Australia community.


Happy Spotting!

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