Valentine's Day, the day of love and affection, brings with it the tradition of gift-giving and celebration. SmartSpotter Australia surveyed to delve into the preferences and plans of 114 respondents (88 women and 26 men) for this special occasion.

The survey covered various aspects, from gift-buying habits to celebration plans. Let's explore the key findings that provide a comprehensive overview of how people in different states approach Valentine's Day.

Gift-Buying Habits:

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When asked about purchasing gifts for Valentine's Day, 46.96% of respondents affirmed their intention to buy gifts, while 32.17% opted not to. Notably, 20.87% were contemplating the idea. State-wise, NSW had 45.16% of respondents saying yes, VIC showed a diverse response with 39.39% in favour, and QLD led with 55.56% affirming their intention to buy gifts.

Gift Shopping Approaches:

Concerning gift-shopping approaches, 26.92% of respondents preferred last-minute shopping, while 21.79% opted for online shopping. In-store shopping was the choice for 37.18%, and 6.41% were not planning to shop. Noteworthy variations were observed across states, with VIC having the highest preference for in-store shopping (38.46%) and QLD for last-minute shopping (38.46%).

Factors Influencing Gift Purchases: 

Factors influencing gift purchases varied, with 28.77% considering discounts, 36.99% prioritising affordability, and 16.44% showing a preference for local products. State-wise, QLD emphasised brand recognition more (8.33%), while VIC leaned more towards discounts (43.48%).

Shopping Preferences - Online vs. In-Store:

In the online vs. in-store shopping debate, 32.88% favoured online purchases, while 67.12% opted for in-store shopping. VIC stood out, with 43.48% preferring online shopping, whereas WA strongly favoured in-store shopping (77.78%).

Preferred Online Platforms:

Amazon emerged as the preferred online platform, securing 39.73% of votes, followed by Facebook Marketplace (15.07%) and Social Media (10.96%). Surprisingly, 12.33% stated they do not shop online

Gift Types and Preferences:

Experiences & Services and Material Gifts shared the top spot at 44% each. Gourmet Treats or Gift Baskets (30%) led material gifts, while Food/Dinner experiences were the preferred choice (41%) among experience gifts.

Support for Local Businesses and Sustainability:

50.68% prioritised buying gifts from local businesses, and 41.1% preferred sustainable products. Notably, 28.77% were considering sustainable options.

Celebration Plans, Festive Foods, Budgeting, and Impulse Purchases:

Intimate gatherings (37.19%) and a surprising 34.71% not celebrating were prevalent responses. Chocolates (46.86%) dominated festive foods, and 55.7% were more likely to set a specific budget. For gift expenses, 43.04% aimed for $50-$100.


The survey provides a detailed snapshot of Valentine's Day preferences, from gift-buying habits to celebration plans, showcasing the diversity in choices across different states. 

As the curtain rises on our insights, remember that SmartSpotter isn't just your guide for Valentine's Day—it's the key to unlocking success in every festive season. Whether it's the hustle of Christmas, the vitality of New Year, or the nostalgia of Mother's Day, our platform provides a year-round stage for retailers to shine.

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