Through our blog, we've been numbering several reasons why crowdsourcing is one of the best tools to save time and fuel while at the same time increasing your market share and maximizing your sales. 

However, it is time for our Spotters to share their experience of being part of the team. 

What are the reasons to join Smartspotter?

Most spotters, if not all, claim to have joined SmartSpotter as a side job that gives them extra money while completing their daily chores. But there's more!

It does not require any previous experience whatsoever! 

When asking our Spotters, most say that the idea of working in something that lets you earn money and is so easy that it requires no previous experience is attractive.

Smartspotter offers many benefits of its risk-free and easy job description. All it takes is a smartphone and our app; instructions are so clear that you can achieve it across all areas of Australia.

1. Easy AND fast!

Not only completing our tasks is easy and fun. It is fast! Each job usually does not take more than 10 minutes. On many occasions, plenty of tasks need to be completed in the same location, usually in large stores such as supermarkets. 

For our spotters, this is highly convenient because it enables them to complete several jobs in a short period.

2. The possibility of getting free stuff

Our Spotters also claim to love that one can get free stuff, as many jobs will require one to make a purchase most of the time.

From candy bars to a full meal… Who doesn't love to get free stuff? SmartSpotter will always reimburse spotters for any purchase they are required to make.

3. Maximum flexibility

Our platform is available 24/7, and we launch new jobs of different types daily, so our spotters can choose the time and location that suits them best. 

Whenever they want cash quickly, and without any hassle, they turn to SmartSpotter. 

4. As a Spotter, you can complete several tasks to rise in rank.

Becoming a Top Spotter has never been so easy. 

Every time they achieve an assignment, Spotters earn SmartPoints, which eventually allows them to rise in rank when accumulating specific amounts. In addition, growing in position means accepting more assignments simultaneously and having more time to carry them out. 

How do they do it?

Our Spotters have come up with different ways in which they prefer to complete these tasks.

Including the execution of tasks in their daily routine

Completing assignments while grocery shopping is what works best for some of them. Combining efforts saves time and resources, and as tasks are so easy to complete, earning that extra money is super satisfying!

Some dedicate a whole day to completing several jobs

For others, planning a logical route that allows them to complete several tasks in a single day is a better strategy. In that sense, they check the app and choose to do all sorts of tasks- at supermarkets, small stores, even pubs. Our Top Spotters can even complete up to 15+ jobs a day!

Others prefer to focus on tasks with higher rewards

These tasks often take a little more time to complete since they are often merchandising jobs such as replenishing shelves or building displays. While it can be more challenging, it is an excellent way to earn higher rewards. 

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