Imagine you have delivered a beautiful display to your retail partner including clear instructions for proper execution. Bring on those extra sales!

Day-to-day trade however shows that there is no room for complacency. Research by SmartSpotter shows that a lot of things still go wrong on the shop floor, leaving returns partially wasted. This must, and can, be significantly improved.

Price is missing or ambiguous

Monthly pan-European and Australian research in supermarkets and non-food stores shows that the execution of displays can be improved in over 31% of the cases. Displays are essential for drawing attention to seasonal items, for example, towards Easter. The results show, among other things, that the price of the articles involved is often either missing or ambiguous and that displays are insufficiently filled (below 50% fill rate). On top of that, displays are too often damaged and/or accompanying POS material is missing.

Premature conclusions

Mind you, your display could be among them! This is not only a shame, but can also lead to premature conclusions in marketing and sales departments, such as "The display must have been bad," when it could just as easily be due to other factors, including an unfavorable location on the shop floor. These shortcomings in in-store execution were in fact the main reason why SmartSpotter was founded years ago.

Immediately optimized

Suppliers and retailers often lack the capacity to supervise and monitor everything themselves. Let alone that they collect all relevant data from locations, analyze it and share it with all stakeholders in order to boost profitability. SmartSpotter has fully automated that need. Trained consumers ensure national coverage and go out daily to measure and jointly optimize the execution of activations for their clients.


Clear dashboards

The collected data is shared with the client and his trading partner in real-time via a smart app and clear dashboards. Automatic alerts and 'crowd merchandisers' constantly help retailers and suppliers with the placement and further optimization of displays.

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