Mystery Shopping is a tool used in retail to get reliable and ongoing feedback on customers' experience, measuring the quality of sales and service and employees' performance in the business. It gives the retail managers an objective view of how their employees interact with the clients and the level of customer satisfaction, and it also provides valuable information to find ways to improve it. 

By using Mystery Shoppers, retailers receive an unbiased and unfiltered review of their retail stores' performance and tools to understand how to retain customers. Remember, satisfied customers will most likely come back!

How to Become a Mystery Shopper and Earn Extra Money 

Becoming a Mystery Shopper has never been easier! There are several apps and websites which provide these opportunities. You can download the SmartSpotter App to give it a try and see all the mystery shopping activities that we have to offer using our crowdsourcing tools. We have coverage over all of Australia, launching new assignments weekly for our mystery shoppers to complete from big brands and retailers. 

With the help of the innovations in the field and the technological tools available, this technique is becoming more and more popular. All it takes is a smartphone and an app, like SmartSpotter, which launches missions for the mystery shopper to complete and earn extra money. It is so simple, and instructions are so clear that you can achieve it across all areas of Australia and with no previous experience whatsoever! 

Benefits of being a Mystery Shopper

Almost everyone loves shopping. But here's something better: getting paid while doing it!
Mystery Shopping offers a significant number of benefits for its risk-free and easy job description. Becoming a secret shopper helps you make some cash on the side, at the same time bridging gaps in your finances. Each job usually does not take more than 10 minutes. On a side note, you can get free stuff as many jobs will require you to make a purchase most of the time. 

Most retailers face difficulties with gaining insight into their levels of customer service. Therefore, it is crucial to evaluate and keep track of how the employees respond to clients. Mystery Shopping is becoming the tool par excellence to achieve their business objectives throughout the territory. As a result, you'll find jobs permanently in a way that allows you flexibility in earning extra money. 

How does it work?

Mystery Shopping works as most regular tasks that require you to read instructions of what is needed before accepting the job. The instructions contain the specifics of each assignment, including payment and reimbursement. You then send the information through the app and help give feedback on employee evaluation, customer satisfaction and stores' conditions. 

Mystery Shopping encompasses different types of stores and jobs, such as: 
·        Shopping for and purchasing specific products
·        Trying out services
·        Interacting with employees asking questions about a product or service
·        Testing a store's customer service

The information that companies receive from mystery shoppers leads to an awareness of business areas that need to be improved and therefore help create training tools for employee development, design and implement new strategies to provide a better service to customers and enhance customer experience.

Mystery Shopping with SmartSpotter

With our platform, it is straightforward to become a mystery shopper! We work with several popular brands and CPG companies helping them increase their business bottom line and excel at customer experience and satisfaction. We connect with shoppers all over Australia and provide them with many different mystery shopping assignments that take little to no time to complete. So check out our app and get started with us!

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